I'm happily adrift, and these are sketches and lists, and they don't mean anything. This is a notebook, after all.

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If These Aren't Reddit Groups I'm Disappointed (but I don't care enough to check)

People Buying Becks
People Catching Fish Larger Than They Expected Who Look Like Their Pets (video heavy)
Twee Trailer Parks
Calcium Lineas (A global encyclopedia of water glasses after evaporating dry)
Raptors Clutching Prey Just Barely Clearing Interstate Traffic
Inappropriately Located Citrus (both SFW and 18+ variants)
Ducks Being Jerks

Highway Sign People

Ebenezer Goodman, Exit 146, I 55, Mississippi
Eunice Crowley, Exit 82, I 10, Louisiana
Macadoo Tamaqua, Exit 138, I 81, Pennsylvania

Grace Garland, Exit 107, I 65, Alabama

Bucyrus Mansfield, Exit for US 30, US 20, Ohio

Oriska Fingle, Exit 302, I 94, North Dakota

Cleveland Gackle, Exit 208, I 94, North Dakota

Glen Ullin Beulah, Exit 110, I 94, North Dakota

Wallace Burke, Exit 62, I 90, Idaho

Tyler Cheney, Exit 257, I 90, Washington

Khalotus Lind, exit for Hwy 21, US 395, Washington

Alicia Bono, Exit 111, US 67, Arkansas

The Act of Navigation

I can’t show you where I am on a map, only how I got here.