I'm happily adrift, and these are sketches and lists, and they don't mean anything. This is a notebook, after all.

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Potential Baseball Science

What does the history of statistics use in baseball have to teach us about the social implications of big data?

A sociological study of orally transmitted skills and history in the Major League Baseball community.

Highway Sign People

Ebenezer Goodman, Exit 146, I 55, Mississippi
Eunice Crowley, Exit 82, I 10, Louisiana
Macadoo Tamaqua, Exit 138, I 81, Pennsylvania

Grace Garland, Exit 107, I 65, Alabama

Bucyrus Mansfield, Exit for US 30, US 20, Ohio

Oriska Fingle, Exit 302, I 94, North Dakota

Cleveland Gackle, Exit 208, I 94, North Dakota

Glen Ullin Beulah, Exit 110, I 94, North Dakota

Wallace Burke, Exit 62, I 90, Idaho

Tyler Cheney, Exit 257, I 90, Washington

Khalotus Lind, exit for Hwy 21, US 395, Washington

Alicia Bono, Exit 111, US 67, Arkansas

The Act of Navigation

I can’t show you where I am on a map, only how I got here.